Welcome To
Kidz Kindy @ 75

At Kidz Kindy @ 75 (0-3yrs) we provide a nurturing, warm environment catering for your child's individual needs and routines. The Kindy has separate areas for babies/infants and for toddlers. This creates a safe, stimulating environment for your child to grow, explore and develop.

For more information about the programme we offer please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.


We provide an individualised programme based on your baby’s needs – their routines and their interests. We aim to provide an interesting, calm and stimulating environment.

Activities include:
  • Art activities – paint, crayons and stamping
  • Sensory and tactile activities – exploring textures, mirrors, messy play, water play, sand play
  • Literacy activities – books, story time, music, songs, finger puppets, nursery rhymes
  • Mathematical activities – sorting, shapes, counting, finger puppet plays, building towers,puzzles
  • Floor time – exploring equipment, puzzles, blocks

        We give our toddlers plenty of opportunities to extend their skills and knowledge as they are rapidly learning about the world around them.

        Activities include:
        • ​Focus activities- based on children’s interests
        • Art activities – painting, screen-printing, collage, finger painting, messy play, cutting, sticking
        • Manipulative activities – playdough, clay
        • Individual, large/small group activities
        • Baking
        • Mat times – stories, finger rhymes., counting, numbers, movement, music, instruments
        • Fine motor skill activities – constructing, sorting, forming symbols, art creative activities etc.
        • Gross motor skill activities – crawling, climbing, using trikes, ball skills etc.
        • Imaginative play
        • Water play, sand pit.
        • Early literacy and early numeracy activities
        • Reading and listening to stories and enjoying stories