Kidz Kindy @ 75

At Kidz Kindy @ 75 (0-3yrs) we provide a nurturing, warm environment catering for your child's individual needs and routines. The Kindy has separate areas for babies/infants and for toddlers. This creates a safe, stimulating environment for your child to grow, explore and develop.


We provide an individualised programme based on your baby’s needs – their routines and their interests. We aim to provide an interesting, calm and stimulating environment.


Activities include:

  • Art activities – paint, crayons and stamping

  • Sensory and tactile activities – exploring textures, mirrors, messy play, water play, sand play

  • Literacy activities – books, story time, music, songs, finger puppets, nursery rhymes

  • Mathematical activities – sorting, shapes, counting, finger puppet plays, building towers,puzzles

  • Floor time – exploring equipment, puzzles, blocks



We give our toddlers plenty of opportunities to extend their skills and knowledge as they are rapidly learning about the world around them.


Activities include:

  • Focus activities- based on children’s interests

  • Art activities – painting, screen-printing, collage, finger painting, messy play, cutting, sticking

  • Manipulative activities – playdough, clay

  • Individual, large/small group activities

  • Baking 

  • Mat times – stories, finger rhymes., counting, numbers, movement, music, instruments

  • Fine motor skill activities – constructing, sorting, forming symbols, art creative activities etc.

  • Gross motor skill activities – crawling, climbing, using trikes, ball skills etc.

  • Imaginative play

  • Water play, sand pit.

  • Early literacy and early numeracy activities

  • Reading and listening to stories and enjoying stories

For more information about the programme we offer please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.