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"Strategic thinking"

At Kidz Kindy we provide many props for dramatic/imaginative play. Our truck is often used for trips to the park, the shops, the beach and fishing. We often observe the children “loading” the truck with equipment that they wish to take on a journey. Today it was tyres! Although heavy, the boys worked collaboratively to get them on board.

'Strategic thinking'

We have had some fantastic hot days at Kidz Kindy! We made the most of it by bringing in a swimming pool. The children loved it and showed us how confident they are in the water. This was a great way to cool off before heading inside to a lovely air-conditioned centre and exciting art activities.

This week!!!

Last week we learnt about bees, the different types, what they need to survive and how pollen transfer happens. The children experienced many activities around the focus and even made their own candle using wax sheets.

Staying on a similar topic and a keen interest of the children we will be extending their knowledge on Bugs!”

A selection of children's artwork and craft activities.


Anyone that introduces a new family to Kidz Kindy will receive a month free fees. This applies to the family who refers (the youngest or more expense child will be free, if more than one), and the new family who starts gets a month free (if more than one child, both are free).

This is dependent on availability of space.

Contact Cathy 578 8984 / 0211668521

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