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We have been focusing on babies this week with many of the children showing an interest in this area. The children have loved Rose’s beautiful old pram, caring for the baby dolls, bathing them and dressing them. Rose even helped the children to cut out and sew some nappies using her sewing machine from home for the baby dolls!

We looked at nursery rhymes that babies like to and did some crafts with Humpty Dumpty. The children know this rhyme quite well and enjoyed drawing Humpty, cutting him up and then piecing him back together. Humpty Dumpty of course needed some plasters to feel as they children applied their first aid skills.

Last week we made Lemon and Yogurt cake using fruit from our garden. This week we made Zucchini bread using Zucchinis (also known as Courgettes) from the garden. It smelt fantastic as we mixed and added our cinnamon.

We have also been doing a bit of process baking. This has encouraged the children to gain independence as they have made their individual scones, following the photo cards of the process.

Ice dye paintings were popular too. Children enjoyed the dye melting through the newsprint then they could see the dye colour immerse into each other.

Do you have any old house painting brushes at home?

The children enjoy ‘painting’ the fences at Kidz Kindy with water and we would appreciate any brushes that are no longer needed.

As we do a lot of water play we would also appreciate spare t-shirts and shorts.

This coming week we will be learning about bears.

We would love for the children to bring their teddy bears to Kidz Kindy throughout the week and we will have a special Teddy Bears picnic on Friday.

If your child does not have a bear a soft toy is fine.

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