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The children at Kidz Kindy have spent some lovely time outside this week while the sun was shining. Waterplay was one of the favourite activities; in the sandpit making rivers, watering the vegetable garden and running under the hose.

The early stages of mathematics are often visible at our centre. Pattern making, sorting, problem solving, and trial and error are explored daily. We support the children during this time, so we can extend on their experiences by providing them the language to explain their ideas.


Anyone that introduces a new family to Kidz Kindy will receive a month free fees. This applies to the family who refers (the youngest or more expense child will be free, if more than one), and the new family who starts gets a month free (if more than one child, both are free).

This is dependent on availability of space.

A friendly reminder...

Please remember to sign in and out every day😊

Bring in or email a family photo to

Next weeks focus

"Family & sociodramatic play"

Currently the children have a strong interest in babies and playing mum's and dad's, brother's and sister's. If any families have baby baths/dolls clothes they no longer use and happy to donate we would be very grateful. Thank you to Rose and her family for the donation of her beautiful pram.

Our week will be filled with baby bathing, making baby food (using a mouli), stewing fruit grown at the centre, learning nursery rhymes and a baby photo competition for the children and teachers and making mobiles plus many more activities!

We welcome your feedback! If you have anything you would like to discuss, please see a member of the team 😊

Have a great week!

Cathy, Amy, Rose, Jacinta, Meeri, Kirsty & Ilonca

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