Kidz Kindy @75 Weekly Newsletter 08/09/17

This week we carried on our topic of Belonging. We have continued caring for our environment, such as cleaning, fixing and gardening.

In the art area, the children have been learning about the art of our bi-cultural heritage. They made feathers for our korowai (cloak). This cloak will be a part of the centre now. The children also painted with crayons and dye to make masks of a taniwha. They painted trees with scrubbing brushes, practicing their stamping skills.

At hui time the teachers introduced some new garden and weather songs to the children. There were stories about hide and seek, a taniwha and buckets of feelings.

Outside the children have been caring for the garden, watering the plants we now have. They practiced their balancing and jumping skills on the planks and steps. Their imagination was extended in their play as they explored in the sandpit. The children have been taking an interest in the noises they hear around the preschool, birds singing, lawnmowers, cars and the planes.

Inside the children revisited the ukulele nearly every day. They seem to enjoy singing songs and strumming the ukulele. We cared for the sunflower seeds and by the end of the week they have already started to grow. There were bugs in the playdough and the children hunted to see which bug they could find. The shop was a favourite this week with lots of shopping happening. They were even using pretend cards to pay. We made bird nests as the children have been bird watching a lot outside.

This week we have had some big milestones happening for our babies. We now have two more babies getting up into the standing position and we are watching them become more and more confident with their balancing skills. They have been getting outside with the warmer weather to explore the natural environment.

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