Kidz Kindy @75 Weekly Newsletter 25/08/17

This week we carried on our topic of belonging. We are now focusing on caring for our environment, such as cleaning, fixing and gardening.

In the art area the children practiced their gluing skills as they made lots of different art projects. Daffodils, clouds and rainbows, paper plate flower wreaths, group flowers. The children also had fun finger painting outside under the tree and cotton bub paints on black paper. These activities developed their fine motor. Experimenting, sensory and eye hand co-ordination.

At hui time the children have enjoyed lots of songs about the garden. The beehive song, flower song, friends are like flowers, the colour song and the bee song. The teachers read books about gardening, rainbows and perky the pukeko. We also revisited the bag with songs in it.

Outside the children and teachers have been working on the garden. We are making it the garden ours. We dug over the garden and laid pea straw on the garden. We planted flowers in the garden in front of the deck. We took down the house and the children helped. We had fun washing all the pieces in the water trough. As spring is coming we are getting our garden ready for lots of yummy fruit and vegetables.

Some of the children got to go for a walk on Friday to the community garden to see the plants that are growing

Inside the children had the tepe up and had fun reading books in it and pretending to be camping in the jungle. They played our new matching game where they have to match the food to where they come from, the garden or the sea. We got new puzzles so the children had fun working them out.

The babies had lots of new treasures to explore and develop their fine motor, manipulative, gross motor, transporting, hand-eye co-ordination skills. They are also exploring the outdoor area and ex

tending their gross motor and problem solving skills

Our focus for next week is Belonging with more gardening where we will be planting vegetable and strawberries.

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