Kidz Kindy @49 Weekly Newsletter 11/08/17

Kia Ora Kidz Kindy Whanau

Last week several of our children had noticed the last of the winged seeds falling from one of our trees. They called excitedly that there were helicopters falling from the tree. They wanted to learn more about helicopters, so this week our focus has been on flying machines. We have looked at helicopters, planes, and hot air balloons.

We have done a lot of activities this week that use and strengthen our fingers. We have used the geoboards, made helicopters with split pins, cut tissue paper to make kites, used magnet sets, played a fishing game with magnetic fish as well as rolling and kneading playdough.

Our children have also been reading and talking about the books we brought back from our library trip last week. A lot of these books are about planes and rockets and the children can identify the pilot, cockpit, rotor, tail rotor, wings, propellors or engines on many of the machines they see.

It has been a very rainy week this week which has limited our time outside. We love being outside so sending your child with gumboots and a raincoat is always appreciated. We enjoy dancing, riding bikes, swinging, running and using the planks as ramps for our cars to run down.

Next week our activites will focus on creatures that fly. The tamariki told us that seagulls, dragons, bees and birds all fly!

Nga Mihi

Cynny, Amy, Rose, Meeri, and Mel

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