KIDZ KINDY @ 75 4 August 2017

Last week our topic was belonging. Being part of routines.

In the art area the children have been exploring making patterns with paint. Car tracks, rollers and bubble wrap, enabled the children to learn about patterns and how you can find them in all different places. They also extended their sensory play with clay and water. Feeling the texture of the clay.

We are very proud of the children's pictures and we are displaying them on the boards around the centre.

At hui time more children had a turn at ringing the bell to tell the others it was hui time. We introduced the children to a new book “Where is the green sheep?” The children have become more confident in singing our new greeting song for hui time. They are also participating more at hui time and making it more meaningful for them. This relates well to our focus as it is about the children being involved in the program at Kidz Kindy.

Outside the children have continued building their confidence on the geodome. We have a few children that are working out how to climb to the top. They are developing their problem solving skills and gross motor skills. The children roleplayed shopkeepers in the toy house. It is always great to see the children acting out what they see outside of the centre.

Inside the children have been enjoying the ukulele and singing songs with the teachers. The children lead the songs and are learning more about ‘strumming.’ There has been lots of practice with turn taking with the computer. The babies are developing their gross motor skills as they reach towards new milestones in their development (Rolling over, crawling and walking).

Welcome to Shannon our new teacher, William (Emily’s little brother) and Issabellah to Kidz Kindy @ 75.

Our focus for this week is a carry on from last week of Belonging

We would like you to send us a photo of your family so we can put them up on our whānau wall.

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