Kidz Kindy @75 Weekly Newsletter 28th July

Last week our topic was belonging. Being part of routines.

In the art area the children have been exploring different ways to paint. They used stamps, shells in containers with the paint and paper and paint inside of a plastic bag.

We are very proud of the children's pictures and we are displaying them on the boards around the centre.

At hui time the children have been having a turn at ringing the bell to tell the others that it is hui time. They have been choosing songs out of the bag. We have been having a lot of spontaneous hui times with the ukulele. The children have been having lots of fun singing songs and playing the ukulele’s.

Outside the children had an obstacle course and really enjoyed taking turns on the different parts of the course. They are talking about how the flowers are coming out. They talked about spring and how the blossoms come out in spring. The children asked to have the bubbles again as they like chasing them and popping the bubbles. This is a great game to develop their hand eye co-ordination. The children also washed the dolls in the baby bath.

Inside the children practiced their basic maths and science skills when they made pikelets. Measuring the ingredients and finding out how the mixture cooks. They practiced their turn taking skills with the trains and building blocks. The children learnt about balancing the blocks and what happens when their towers get too high.

The children also took turns at leading the Karakia kai.

Our focus for this week is a carry on from last week of Belonging, we would like you to send us a photo of your family so we can put them up on our whānau wall.

Please send to

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