Kidz Kindy@75 Weekly Newsletter 21st July

Last week our topic was colours again.

In the art area the children have been exploring with dyes again this time with Napkins. They watched the dye spread and blend with each other. They practiced their stamping skills with the patterned stampers. They practiced their hand eye co-ordination with string painting.

We are very proud of the children's pictures and we are displaying them on the boards around the centre.

At hui time the children really enjoy looking at the weather and tell the teachers that it is cold and cloudy/ sunny/ raining. They are learning the sign language for the weather as well. We got the ukuleles out and the children enjoyed singing and playing the ukuleles.

Outside the children got to practice their jumping, climbing and balancing. They practiced their hand eye co-ordination with the bubbles. We enjoyed playing hide and seek, counting in English and Te reo.

Inside the children drew with crayons and felts practicing their pincer grip. Practicing turn taking with the toys and dress ups. The children like playing and exploring with the playdough. The children are practicing tidying up after themselves as this is a great skill for them to learn for at home as well as at kindy.

Our focus this week is Belonging and we would like you to send us a photo of your family so we can put them up on our whanau wall.

Please send to

Can you please send jackets, gumboots and extra clothes as the weather is getting colder and wetter.

Thank you.

As the weather gets colder we would like it if you can provide slippers for your children.

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